Art Around the Park '95, '96, '97

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"Art Around the Park" is an outdoor painting festival that took place annually in late spring around the perimeter of Tompkins Square Park on the lower east side .   I participated in this event every year for six years from 1993 to 1998.   This event has been on "hiatus" since 1998.  For the 1995, 96 and 97 murals, the theme for my outdoor paintings was "hearts."  Here are the paintings:


This was the first painting where I used a giant heart stencil to randomly layout hearts at the scene.  The palette of "military colors" carried over from my paintings of aircraft markings and camouflage.  The stencil was made from two curved lines that were drawn on a computer, flipped, and then joined.  The hearts are 23" across!  This painting was shown in "reign of hearts" in 1996. 
Sylvie Ball                                       Art 1995 Sylvie Ball
Go No-Go  1995               Photography 1995 Sylvie Ball
acrylic on billboard vinyl
80" x 76"  (stretched)
Painted on May 13
Time Line:  Oklahoma City Bombing, April 19, 1995

In 1996 I used the same stencil, but went for fewer hearts, 9 seemed fine, and chose an "axial" order and rotated the hearts in random 90 degree increments (except for the upper left where I left a heart at a 45 degree angle.)  This palette is a fusion of military colors (blues, black, silver and yellow) and graffiti-esque poster colors:  fluorescent green and red flashe plus "granny smith" green and "embarrassment" purple.    Once some dripping was established in the lower right corner, I continued as I moved across the bottom.  The next row of hearts above then dripped over the finished ones below. This painting led to a private commission completed in 1997.  (After receiving this painting the client felt that the fluorescent colors were too strong!)  
Sylvie Ball                                      Art 1996 Sylvie Ball 
Tompkins Square
  1996    Photography 1996 Sylvie Ball
acrylic and flashe on billboard vinyl
90" x 80" (unstretched)  
Painted on May 18 
Time Line:  Value Jet Air Disaster, May 11, 1996

In 1997 I did another group of nine hearts with a variation of the 90 degree rotations.  I added some very rich primary colors and a vivid orange for the center.  Painting under an elm tree, some seeds sprinkled down and became lodged in the painting.  A curator, Robert Ellis Patterson  was nearby, watching everyone paint.  He was organizing a show called "Wet Paint" taking place in two weeks at the Mary Anthony Gallery.  He invited me to participate in this show, where this painting was shown elm seeds and all.  
Sylvie Ball                                     Art 1997 Sylvie Ball
Untitled VII  1997              Photography 1997 Sylvie Ball
acrylic on billboard vinyl
80" x 76"  (stretched)                          
Painted on May 10 
Time Line:  William de Kooning "The Late Paintings" closes at The Museum of Modern Art on April 29, 1997.

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