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Sylvie Ball


Selected writings about photography by SYLVIE BALL

The Blondie Review  
Volume 2, Issue 1
First Anniversary Issue
quarterly journal

December 2001
Article titled "Gotham's Photogs" written by Bob Betts.  Sylvie Ball is one of 5 New York City nightlife/concert photographers featured in this story that includes veterans Bob Gruen, Roberta Bayley, Tina Paul and Joe Ryan.   Betts expresses "gratefulness" to Sylvie for her contribution of photos of Deborah Harry at Click + Drag last March, 2001.  3 SB photos from the click + drag event previously published in TBR #3 illustrate this article. 

Selected writings about painting exhibitions by SYLVIE BALL  

Contributing Writers:
Billy Name
Eric Nash
Robert Mahoney
Alexander Wilson

"reign of hearts"  January 30 - February 17, 1996
NY Soho Arts published by  Eighth Floor Gallery 
June 1996,  Part II:  Solo Exhibitions

Frances Chapman

"Artburger:  Beyond Words"
Williamsburg/Greenpoint Waterfront Week
Feb 29 - March 13, 1996, p. 8

Mary Klemic

"On Target with Paintings"
The Birmingham Eccentric
Creative Living Section
June 2, 1994  p. D1

Mary Klemic

"Cityscapes - Military Might"
The Birmingham Eccentric
Creative Living Section
September 9, 1993, p. 5E

Eileen Watkins

"Art on Target"
The New Jersey Star Ledger
August 13, 1993, p.37

William Zimmer

"Factory Work and Combat"
The New York Times, New Jersey Weekly
July 11, 1993, p. 12

Tom Groenfeldt

"D-Day 'On the Ground and In the Air'
 World War II Remembered"
The Paterson Independent
July 1, 1993, p. 1

Jill Schensul

"Just Do It:  City of Paterson Struts its Stuff"
The New Jersey Record
June 5, 1993, p. D2

Winnie Bonelli

"Tanks for the Memories"
The North Jersey Herald & News
June 4, 1993, p. B1

Robert Mahoney

"Sylvie Ball" text for Exhibition Catalog
The Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ, 1993

Florence Schetzel

"The Barrett House Shows New Directions"
The Poughkeepsie Journal
October 25, 1991

Nancy Jones

"Pictures at a Corporation"
New York Woman
October 1990, p.52