Blondie at Roseland 11-23-02

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Sylvie Ball

Webmaster note:  If you are looking for the pictures of DH wearing the Yankee cap click here.   NEW!  Roll 2 has been uploaded as of Jan. 10, 2003.  View the recently added photos on pages VI through XII  
  Roll 5 was also recently uploaded on Jan 12 & 13, 03.  View more photos of Blondie wrapping up their concert at Roseland on pages XXII through XXX.

Just a few days before Thanksgiving, Blondie fans gathered at NYC's Roseland Ballroom on 52nd street for a "full throttle" concert packed with 18 songs and two encores.  

The members of Blondie took the stage at about 9:15. 

Saturday night's line up included Deborah Harry, Chris Stein (guitar), Clem Burke (drums), Paul Carbonara (guitar), Leigh Foxx (bass) with Kevin Topping substituting for Jimmy Destri on keyboards.     

I 34A                

I 33A  Deborah was wearing an "Atomic" (garbage bag) inspired silver jacket with a matching mini skirt.  
I 28A  The first song the band performed was a new song called "Diamond Bridge" written by Jimmy Destri.  
I 26A  After a few minutes, Deborah tossed off the jacket to reveal a ripped up blue "Starliners" baseball jersey worn over a silver mesh knit top with elbow length sleeves.  The punk diva, bathed in cool blue light looks right at me!  Click on the first link in the left column or click here to continue.  

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