Hadrian's Villa

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Sylvie Ball


Welcome to Hadrian's Villa..  3 1/2 miles SW of Tivoli (a town reachable only by a 23 mile uphill drive into the Tiburtine Mountains due East of Rome) is the site of this poetic rambling complex of ruins built in olive groves.   The Roman Emperor Hadrian (b. 76AD  d. 138AD) built the Villa for himself as a winter residence, between the years of 118AD and 138AD.  These photographs were taken in September of 1985 and were printed in 1998..  The images below were scanned from 8.5 x 11" C prints.  Contrast a New York Minute to the timelessness of these photos.  Throw away your watch and cell phone boys.. These ruins are almost 2000 years old..  You can almost feel the hot Italian sun.  

1.  Entering Hadrian's Villa
2.  Arched Structure with Tiered Structure
3. Arched Structure with Broken Pillars
4.  Arched Structure Inside Out
5.  Arched Structure with Crumbling Wall
6.  Arched Structure from right with front area
7.  Curved Structure
9.  Dome Ruins
8.  Dome Ruins with Blue Sky
10.  Pool of the Canopus
11.  Tourists by the Pool of the Canopus
12.  Pool of the Canopus with Caryatids
13.  Pool of the Canopus with Caryatids closer