London 2000

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Big Ben
November 10, 2000  
8.5 x 11 C Print
London Eye
November 10, 2000
8.5 x 11 C Print

I visited London for the first time in November of 2000.  It was my first 
chance to photograph Big Ben.
Bonngg.. Bonngg.. It's noon on Nov. 10, 2000.

On the other side of the Thames to the north is the the Millennium Ferris wheel, "The London Eye."  This picture was taken from half way across the Westminster Bridge.  I turned back and headed south to see the art collection at The Tate Britain.  
Tate Britain
November 10, 2000
8.5 x 11" C Print
This is a picture of the original "Tate Gallery." Renamed "The Tate Britain" in March of 2000, the name change was needed to distinguish it from it's new counterpart, The Tate Modern, a major new art museum recently opened in a renovated power plant in Southwark in Spring 2000.  The Tate Britain shows work in the Tate collection from the sixteenth century to the present day and is home of the Clore Galleries... large rooms filled with the work of English master landscape painter, J. M. W. Turner.  (b. 1775-d.1851)  English Artists, William Blake, Constable, Spencer, Bacon, Hockney also represented .  The Tate Modern displays the Tate collection of international modern art from 1900 onwards.  Both museums break from tradition and present works thematically rather than chronologically.  Click here to visit The Tate Modern
Click here to view London Streets