Published Photographs

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Blondie, From Punk to the Present: A Pictorial History 
large format, soft cover book
Summer 2002 edited by Allan Metz and Bob Betts.  Photos of Deborah Harry at click + drag in NYC with a complete reprint of article written by SB for The Blondie Review  Volume 1, Issue 3.  (TBR #3)
The Blondie Review  
Volume 2, Issue 1
First Anniversary Issue
quarterly journal
December 2001 3 photos selected from the click + drag event previously published in TBR #3 that illustrate a feature article titled "Gotham's Photogs" written by Bob Betts.
GŁnter Uecker Audio
audio CD
Summer 2001 Cover Art by GŁnter Uecker photographed by Sylvie Ball.  The CD features sounds of the artist at work.  Art direction and design: Takuma Kanaiwa.  Recorded in April-May 2000 at Akira Ikeda Gallery, Taura, Japan.
The Blondie Review  
Volume 1, Issue 4
quarterly journal
September 2001 has photos from May 18th, 2001 including DHBIS e-listers at Mullen's, DH & friends at Goodie/Panther (publications) party at True and later, e-listers in front of  Don Hill's at "Squeezebox" plus more photos from May 19th of DH performing with Blondie at Joey Ramone's 50th birthday bash at the Hammerstein Ballroom.
The Blondie Review  
Volume 1, Issue 3
quarterly journal
June 2001
edited by Bob Betts and Amy Oravec.  Includes a feature story about Deborah Harry at click + drag in NYC with photos and an article written by Sylvie Ball. website                                        March 2001 Louis A. Bustamante webmaster and DHBIS email list moderator.  This web page has  photos of DH at click + drag with captions by SB also.
Art Forum
art magazine
April 2000 Full page ad for Roy Kortick at Debs & Co. 
Masters of the Impossible
April 2000 Art by Roy Kortick.  All photographs including cover by SB.
published by Debs & Co. 
Manhattan Skyscrapers
hardcover book
September 1999 author, Eric P. Nash.  Includes 4  SB photos of skyscraper details, one of which is a full page.  published by Princeton Architectural Press. 
Volume 2, Issue 1
soft cover book
Spring/Summer 1999 Book cover depicting a painting by Roy Kortick photographed by Sylvie Ball;  2 B&W SB photos of  RK's work inside.
older published photographs will be added later....