The Knitting Factory 5-8-02

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Roy Nathanson and The Jazz Passengers performed several dates at The Knitting Factory in May but Deborah Harry joined them for only one night on May 8th, 2002.  
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Roy Nathanson and the Jazz Passengers warm up the crowd with 2 songs before DH joined them on the stage. Deb joins the group and takes her place at the left side of the stage.  I was lucky and picked seats in the left front row.  Deborah was right in front of us! 

Deborah sang "Imitation of a Kiss" and paused during instrumental sections.  Her timing was excellent and her voice was clear and strong and didn't get lost in all that brass.  Deborah was dressed casually, in all black with black work boots.  Her hair was up in a pony tail.  She arrived at the club at 8:40 PM.  These photos are from her first performance of the evening, at 9PM. 

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