The Slipper Room 12-22-01

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The Slipper Room on Manhattan's lower east side (167 Orchard Street at Stanton Street) was host this year for The Jackie Factory's 7th annual Christmas event, "A Very Jack the Ripper Christmas" conceived and directed by Chi Chi Valenti. The show combines two of her favorite obsessions- Jack the Ripper and the English Music Hall.  

Click on the pages in the left column to see the procession of campy skits listed in the order they were performed.  Once you visit a page, you can navigate through the entire exhibit using "back" and "next" buttons.  

The setting is an imaginary English Music Hall in Whitechapel during the Ripper murders of 1888.  The "Saucy Jack Revue" culminated with a special performance by Deborah Harry and The Fishsticks.  Deborah sang a song called "Goodnight Sweetheart."
Above: Marti Domination bats her eyelashes.

The full bill of raucous entertainment treated us all to a very special evening.  Visit to see more pictures of this event.   Also visit to find out more about this club.