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Sylvie Ball

If you googled Vrej Baghoomian and were directed to this page please note that there is another section on this website dedicated to the late art dealer and the exhibits he organized.  Please visit this link:  Vrej Baghoomian  
Below are installation photographs of paintings by Sylvie Ball at Vrej's 555 Broadway gallery.  Vrej included my work in a summer group exhibition that featured six artists during the summer of 1990.  I continued work for Vrej as a photographer and documented a number of openings as well as individual artworks.  Visit the link above to view those photos. 

Installation view of my paintings at Vrej's 555 Broadway gallery. 

The art in this exhibit was inspired by my favorite contemporary masters Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Josef Albers.  Roy Lichtenstein's painted aluminum sculptures influenced my bat column on the left.  The framed cigar label watercolor/collages on the right were influenced by my former boss Julian Schnabel who knew very well that distinctive framing could take a drawing to a higher level.

The large windows flooded the front gallery with natural light and made it possible to see the art from the street.  

The gallery's front desk can be seen through the doorway on the left.

 Installation view of cigar label watercolors.  To view details about these artworks please visit this link: 
cigar label watercolors
Sylvie Ball
Bat Column  1989
68" x 17" x 3" individually 10" x 17" x 3"
encaustic on aluminum mounted on wood
This work is not for sale.
Sylvie Ball
Clear Title  1989
14" x 17"
collage and watercolor

Sylvie Ball
Born  1990
83" x 55"
oil and wax on linen
This painting is still available and is in excellent condition.  It can be viewed by appointment. 
Inquiries:  sylvieball@sylviestock.com

Sylvie Ball
Hires  1989
42" x 60"
oil on linen

Vrej Baghoomian purchased this painting directly from me in 1990 but it was never exhibited.  The painting was held in Vrej's inventory until it was liquidated at auction in 1997 well after the 555 gallery had closed.  I did track down the new owner of the painting and they love it and get lots of compliments, and I got the feeling from them that if someone made the right offer, they might be willing to sell it.  Inquiries:  sylvieball@sylviestock.com

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