WTC # 1

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Sylvie Ball


At 8:53 AM on September 11, 2001 a friend called to tell me that "a plane had hit the World Trade Center."  Skeptical at first, I looked out my window and saw the sinister, smoking black hole where an airliner had completely penetrated the north facade of Tower 1.  I grabbed a radio and a camera and stood on my window sill and got ready to start shooting, when the phone rang again.  At 9:03 my friend called back and during this call I eye witnessed the second plane cataclysmically hit Tower 2 and watched a huge flame ball roar through the  tower.  "Oh my God" were the words I repeated.  What was happening?  I didn't see the plane enter, just flames emerging from the north and west sides of Tower 2.  At 9:03:30 I hung up and took this first picture looking south. Tower 1 is on the right, Tower 2 is on the left.